American Buff/Tufted Buff Geese

We are very excited to have these on our farm. They are very calm and friendly birds. Also very smart. They are proving to be extremely hardy with our winters, however are hardy and easy to raise in general. They are currently  listed under "watch" on the American livestock conservancy list. Which is a big improvement  from their status as "critical" several years ago. 
They are a breed native to the United States and were first recognized in 1947. They were originally bred as meat geese. Buff's are a medium weight bird and can grow anywhere between 12-22lbs.
They are excellent foragers and grazers and make wonderful pets. They are an excellent choice for small homestead. 

African Geese

Despite their name, the African goose did not originate in Africa. They are actually said to have originated in China. They are a massive bird with a heavy body. They have a dewlap hanging from their lower jaw to their upper neck and a mature goose has a large knob on its forehead. Mature ganders average 22lbs, while a mature goose averages 18lbs. These are very loud birds and make an excellent watch animal. They definately alert you to anything happening in the barn yard. The African goose is another breed under "watch" on the American livestock conservancy list. 

Sebastopol Geese

A new goose breed for us. We have decided to add the Sebastopol goose onto the farm. They are a beautiful bird with unique feathering. They have long, curling feathers that drape from it's wings, body, and tail. They have orange legs and bill and blue eyes. They are a very stunning bird. Though they need lots of fresh clean water to keep their feathers clean. Also due to their feathering they are not insulated well, so not cold hardy like other breeds. They should have access to warm housing in cold weather. 
They are a medim sized goose with an average weight of 12-14lbs.
The Sebastopol is listed as "threatened" on the American livestock breed conservancy list. We will only have a limited amount of birds for sale fall 2018. 

Rouen Ducks

The Rouen duck is another one of our waterfowl on the "watch" list of the American livestock conservancy list. A personal favorite of mine, the rouen very much resembles the mallard in colour, however are much larger in size. They are a heavyweight duck weighing 7-9lbs, and are considered a meat duck over being a layer. Rouens are an excellent all purpose farm duck with a docile temperment. 

Welsh Harlequin Duck

The Welsh Harlequin duck is a lightweight domestic duck that originated in Wales. They have beautiful plumage and are outstanding layers. Females have a black bill and brown legs and feet, while males have a yellowish green bill and orange legs and feet. This breed of duck is under "watch" with the American livestock conservancy list. 
Although not 100%, sex can usually be determined in day old ducklings by their bill colour. Drakes will have darker bills while a female will have a lighter one with dark spot and the tip.