Thank You To Our Suppliers!
When it comes to good sheep management, every farm needs suppliers to keep their operation running. Here are our main suppliers when it comes to raising, breeding, and selling our animals. We have used these suppliers for years now, and will for many more to come. 

Wool Growers Canada

Suppliers of CSIP tags which are mandatory for all sheep that leave the farm and are also needed for sheep registered with the BBSAI. You can order via phone or over the internet.

Four Rivers Co op

We shop local for most of our fencing and building supplies. Most farming supplies can be found at our local home center in the agricultural department. We are fortunate to be able to source most of our supplies locally. 
Premier 1 Supplies

We order in our lamb tags and farm tags from Premier 1 Supplies. The price and quality of these tags exceed anywhere else we have gotten them to date. All our lambs receive a small brass tag at birth, so we have numbered records of what lambs belong to which ewes.  Our breeding animals once selected receive a farm ID number. Although I can tell everyone apart on the pasture, my husband needs the numbered reference. It also makes it easier for keeping track when we have outside help from workways on our farm.
Natures Wave BoviGlo and EberGlo Trace Supplements
Spring of 2018 we began drenching our lambs in a trial run with BoviGlo trace supplements instead of needling, to give lambs their best chance at a great start. We were very pleased with the results and have nothing but good things to say about this supplement. It has our recommendation. Our supplier is Rosanne Ophus, in Vanderhoof BC. We are one of many livestock producers that have began using these products in the area. 

We have a good relationship with our local veterinarian Dr. Ebbot, in the Vanderhoof Veterinary Clinic. There is a shortage of veterinarians that work with sheep and his willingness to research and work with the farmers here is great.