American Blackbelly Sheep
About the American Blackbelly Sheep

The sheep breed developed from cross breeding the Barbados Blackbelly and Mouflon to produce the colouring of the Barbados on a sheep that could produce beautiful sets of horns. The horns can vary from tight curls beside the face to wide outward spirals. Both are considered acceptable when registering with the BBSAI as long as they do not interfere with the animals quality of life. The American Blackbelly ewes are generally polled though some can have horns. We have a few horned ewes in our flock. 
The body colouring can range from a deep reddish brown colour to a light fawn. They have black facial bars, (refered to as badger faced), black chin, chest, belly, legs, and inguinal region. They have almost an exotic appearance.
As the Blackbelly is a hair sheep, they do not require shearing or tail docking. This along with their hardy nature, resistance to parasite and disease, and their ability to adapt to many management systems, makes them an excellent breed for people that are new to owning sheep. Although high energy, and a little flighty by nature, with some feeding of treats and going out there often they quiet down and can be quite tame.

In 2014 we purchased all of Black Moon Sheep's American Blackbelly breeding ewes and added them to our flock. We had purchased a breeding ram the year before from them and felt very fortunate when they contacted us asking if we would like to take over their quality breed stock as they were switching to katahdin sheep. 
We run a purebred flock of American Blackbelly sheep, registered with the Barbados Blackbelly Sheep Association International.