American Blackbelly Stock For Sale
It is our goal with our sheep to breed strong, healthy animals that meet the breed standards for their individual registries. We take great pride in our sheep and therefor select our best to use as breeders. Despite a usual 50-50 lambing ratio average, we only select our top few rams to be sold as breeding animals. Why? One ram will cover many ewes. It is important that he meets every breed standard. He must represent the breed at it’s best. Selecting rams from high producing ewes, rams whom are born with good birth weights, excellent body growth, well above average horn growth, and wonderful confirmation. Colouring to the breed standard is also looked at. The American Blackbelly ram should have distinct badger face markings that are not washed out. They can either be fawn, brown, or deep mahogany in body colour with black down their neck, chest, and underside going up their back end under the tail.  
Rams that fall short in multiple areas, or do not meet the standard, if used for breeding, are breeding less than ideal genetics into the ewes they cover. Through careful selection, our best each year will be registered and advertised for sale only. All that do not meet these high standards are culled, and used to provide for the table. We do not register our cull rams. They are sold by the pound only.
Working with our ewes we like to select for a large body capacity, ewes that are built to carry multiples. Large pelvis for ease in delivery. Hardy sheep that produce healthy, large lambs with excellent growth rates. Ewes should produce a good milk supply for their lambs. Good confirmation and colour are considered as well when selecting breeding ewes.
We are always continueing to improve our sheep through selective breeding.

You can view the breed standards for the American Blackbelly Sheep here:

Our American Blackbelly Sheep are all registered with the BBSAI


Windy Ridge Zahra (2010 ABS Ewe)
$200 (sold)

Windy Ridge Milah (2014 ABS Ewe)
$250 (sold)

Big Boulder Drago (2016 ABS Ram)