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Big Boulder Farm

"Proud Owners of Registered American Blackbelly and Painted Desert Sheep"

Located in the heart of beautiful British Columbia, we reside on 160 acres. Approximately  30  minutes from Vanderhoof, the nearest town,  and 1 hour away from Prince   
George BC, we are lucky enough to call this little piece of paradise home. 
I always knew I wanted to farm.  I had never thought about sheep until after our first child came around the age of 2. Her great grandfather had a flock of dorper/katahdin crosses and gave her a couple to get started. As most can assume, no 2-year-old is taking care of her own sheep. After spending time with them and growing quite attached to the little critters, my husband and I started talking about raising sheep. He was not sold on the idea however, until I showed him a few pictures of American blackbellies. Their striking colour and beautiful horns were enough to sway him.  And that began our venture into breeding registered American blackbelly sheep. 
We have no regrets in selecting this breed. They are a hardy, disease resistant sheep. Being a hair sheep, they do not require shearing, as they naturally shed their coats in the warmer months. They also do not require tail docking. It is   a disqualification with the registry to do so. They are able to lift their tails, so they do not become soiled with urine and feces, the reason why docking is necessary with many wool breeds. 
The ewes are excellent mothers, requiring minimal intervention during lambing. They can breed out of season and often birth multiples, with twins being the norm.  
After settling and becoming comfortable with our blackbellies, we decided to introduce a second breed onto the property. This is when we acquired our Painted Desert sheep.  They share many of the low maintenance qualities of the blackbellies but have a broad range of colours with a bit of unpredictability during lambing. You really are not sure what you are going to get when it comes to their colour.
Both breeds do well  in various  climates,  and thrive on an assortment of feed. This makes them an excellent clean up crew or lawn grazer. Do make note that they prefer the leafy vegetarian, so if loose around the yard you will need protection for your shrubs and flower beds.
We are constantly working toward the standards of perfection with our sheep. Working on consistency with colour and confirmation, as well as body size and quiet temperament. 
We do our best to keep our website up to date. However, livestock for sale will be posted on our Facebook Page first. If you are interested in our animals, please take the time to follow our page . If you are interested in purchasing lambs or other livestock from us, you can use our contact form on our website or email directly to [email protected] We are happy to answer any questions you may have.