Painted Desert Stock For Sale

Like our American blackbellies, we will only offer for sale our top few rams each year. We refuse to sell breeding rams that are less than. Those that have been selected for good birth weights, body growth, horn growth, confirmation and colouring. Although lambing painted desert sheep is somewhat unpredictable, as in you never know what colour you are going to get, we are hoping to breed some consistency into our flock.
Ewe's should have large body capacity for carrying multiples and good milk production for lambs.
Although I flightier breed by nature, we breed for good temperament for ease of handling. 

Breed Standards for the Painted Desert Sheep can be viewed here:

as well as on the United Horned Hair Sheep website


Big Rock Ruby 

Windy Ridge Pebbles (2016 Ewe)

Big Rock Cinnamon Girl

Windy Ridge Queenie (2017 Ewe)

Windy Ridge Blitz (2017 Ewe)