Big Boulder Farm

This lifestyle is not just about animals. It is about beliefs and values passed down through generations. Ensuring things are left better for those yet to come. It is about the legacy.... 
Proud owners of American Blackbelly and Painted Desert Sheep.
We are working to improve and promote these sheep breeds here in Canada.

Painted Desert Sheep

We love our blackbellies. When we learned about the painted desert sheep we can't say our interest wasn't peaked. They share many of the favorable characteristics that the blackbellies have that make us love them so much. So why not add something that shares those, but can also give people the wow factor with colour. You never know what lambing will bring. 

The painted desert sheep are a coloured hair sheep with no polled breeds in their background. Rams grow beautiful horns while ewes can be either with or without. We have decided for our 2017 breeding season to introduce our mouflon ram Heartbreaker to some ewes and see what is produced with the cross. 
Blessed are they who see beautiful things in humble places where other people see nothing.
     - Camille Pissarro - 

Big Boulder's Painted Desert Rams

Big Boulder's Painted Desert Ewes

Big Boulder's Painted Desert Lambs