Big Boulder Farm

This lifestyle is not just about animals. It is about beliefs and values passed down through generations. Ensuring things are left better for those yet to come. It is about the legacy.... 
Proud owners of American Blackbelly and Painted Desert Sheep.
We are working to improve and promote these sheep breeds here in Canada.

Bird Menu

On the Pond:

American Buff/Tufted American Buff Geese
- $20/gosling unsexed
- $10/per hatching egg

Sebastopol Geese
- $75/gosling unsexed
- $38/per hatching egg

African Geese
- $30/gosling unsexed
- $15/per hatching egg

Rouen Ducks
- $15/duckling
- $7/per hatching egg

Welsh Harlequin Ducks
- $15/duckling
- $7/per hatching egg

​In the Coop:

Lavender Orpington
- $10/day old chick unsexed
- $5/per hatching egg

Buff Brahma
- $12/day old chick unsexed
- $6/per hatching egg

- $12/day old chick unsexed
- $6/per hatching egg

Wheaten/Blue Wheaten Marans
- $15/day old chick unsexed
- $7/per hatching egg

Crested Cream Legbar
- $20/day old sexed pullet
- $10/day old sexed cockeral
- $7/per hatching egg

Blue Isbar
- $15/day old chick
​- $7/per hatching egg

In The Coop
​Big Boulder Farm's Poultry

On The Pond
Big Boulder Farm's Waterfowl