Big Boulder Farm

This lifestyle is not just about animals. It is about beliefs and values passed down through generations. Ensuring things are left better for those yet to come. It is about the legacy.... 
Proud owners of American Blackbelly and Painted Desert Sheep.
We are working to improve and promote these sheep breeds here in Canada.

American Blackbelly Lambs

American Blackbellies are prolific breeders. They can lamb any time of the year. Ewe lambs can be bred as early as 6 months of age well ram lambs are capable of breeding as early as 4 months. We do let them get more growing in before breeding them however. Twins are considered the normal with this breed. Though triplets happen. We have had very little intervention with our sheep during lambing. Newborn lambs are quick to get up and it does not take them long to be running around. 
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American Blackbelly Rams

American Blackbelly Ewes

Painted Desert Sheep